I've decided that there will be an extremely limited edition of Z-DAY to be released in steelbooks! If you don't know what a steelbook is check out http://www.steelbook.com. Basically it's a fancy metal case, and they're totally awesome and badass (beware of cheap imitators and knock-offs, if it doesn't say Steelbook inside it's no good). Anywho, I'll be doing a proto-type soon and probably make them on-demand, but they'll be super boss when they're done. Keep an eye out!
A new Special Edition of the Z-DAY DVD will be coming out in the near future.  Check out the exclusive cover art on the Z-DAY page!  It looks great!

In other news, Z-DAY 2 is still being written and support for it is growing.  This is going to be big.

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Just thought you people out in the internet would be interested to know that due to moving out of the warehouse where Z-DAY was filmed I had to film a flashback scene already before I no longer had access to the building.

So, we filmed a little flashback scene for Z-DAY 2 and I think you'll be happy to know it went smashingly.  Also, the script is coming along nicely.  This Z-DAY will hopefully surpass the first one and be a fun time for everyone involved!

'Til next time.
Hey, kids, last night I began writing the script for Z-DAY 2 and wrote a solid beginning to the film.  Getting started is sometimes the first step, but now that I've done that I feel like it should flow along pretty well. 

That's it for now! Til next time.


Hello, there everyone and welcome to the brand new Z-DAY website! This blog part of the site will be where you want to look for updates about everything Z-DAY (including exciting news about Z-DAY 2!) So be sure to check back every once in a while to stay on the ball!